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All Features

Everything you need to run your creative business more efficiently.

Automations & Workflows

Create custom and automatic workflows to boost your productivity. Put your workflows on autopilot and let automations do the manual labor for you.

Personal workflows

Create personalized workflows according to your way of working. And create as many as you need.

Create actions

Within each project phase, you can create actions like sending an email, proposal, or questionnaire.

Scheduled actions

Choose when your actions need to send out at a specific moment in the future.

Automated actions

Choose to have specific actions sent out automatically at a particular moment in the future.

Recurring tasks

Have predefined tasks within each new project you start. Tasks that come back regularly.

Use templates

Pick predefined templates for emails, proposals, and questionnaires and use them for your actions.

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Communication with clients

Have a clear overview of your communication with your clients within each project.

Sending Emails

Send out emails straight from each project.

Multi language

Set the language of proposals and invoices you send to your clients. Currently, we support ten different languages.

Email templates

Create email templates so you can swiftly reply to your clients within seconds.

One overview

Have a clear overview of all communication per project and client.

Track history

Track whether a client received your email, proposal, and invoice. And if they opened it or signed it.

Calendar overview

An interactive calendar overview of your tasks and projects organised by date.

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Contracts & Signatures

Speed up the pace of your creative business by having your client sign with electronic signatures in a matter of seconds.

Online signing

No more printing and scanning. Your clients can sign your proposal directly online on desktop and mobile.

Client friendly

Online signing lets your clients sign contracts anytime, anywhere, on any device, making it faster and easier to interact with your business.

Improve accuracy

One document with all you have agreed for you and your clients to refer to whenever you need.

Speed up the pace

No more printing and sending physical documents. Deliver and sign digitally within seconds.

Across borders

An electronic signature is also a fast and efficient method when proposals and contracts need to be shared across borders.

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Bookings & Payments

Manage your bookings more effectively and stay on top of clients' payments.

Online payment

Clients can pay their invoices directly online with Credit Card or iDeal.

Multiple tax classes

Create as many tax classes as you need and allocate each product with a different tax class in your proposals and invoices.

Multi currency

With Octoa you can choose which currencies you need to send proposals and invoices per client.

Track payment

Track whether a client received your invoice and opened it. Get notified when a client pays your invoice through Credit Card or iDeal.

Auto generated invoices

The option to have your invoices automatically generated the moment your proposal is signed to save time.

Payment schedule

Set up a payment schedule to let your client know when you expect payment.

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Templates & Lead forms

Save time and leave repetitive work behind.

Lead forms

Create different lead forms that you can embed on your website. Connect various lead forms with your workflows.

Proposal templates

Sending out proposals will never be the same. Predefine frequently used proposals, so you send them out in seconds.

Invoice templates

You are no more re-creating the same thing over and over again. With invoice templates, you can create your invoices with a few clicks.

Product templates

Quickly build your proposals and invoices by simply selecting your frequently used products.

Contract templates

Store your different contracts under the templates to easily add them to your proposals.

Email templates

Email communication can consume a lot of our time. Creating email templates allows you to reply to your clients swiftly within seconds.

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Actions & Tasks

One clear overview of all the things you need to do for that day. For every project. Within 5-15 min, you have managed all your projects.

One place

Manage all projects in one place. Check off all the things you need to do for each project within 5-15 min. Managing projects becomes fun.

Stay on top

One overview to keep track on all things you forgot and need to know and in the future.

Recurring tasks

One overview to keep track of everything you forgot and need to know in the future.

Tasks list

One overview of all the tasks per project and for each moment.

Set your priorities

It lets you set your priorities ahead of time so that you can get to your daily tasks first.

Keeps you focused

Octoa helps you stay focused on the actions so you can fully immerse yourself in your creative work.

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Let's do this

Take control of your creative business. Have everything organized in one place, no more forgetting and spending hours on admin.

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