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Way Up North 2021 & Updates

November 23, 2021

Update from the Octoa team. We are working hard on new (big) features that will take Octoa to the next level. Also we are present at Way Up North 2021 event in Copenhagen today and tomorrow. Meeting existing customers and new ones ☺️

In the meantime we pushed some new updates and small improvements:

You can now create and send questionnaires to your clients to fill it. It works very similar to the Lead Form. You are also able to create templates for these so you can reuse them time and time again.

Connect email through SMTP
Yes that sounds quite technical, but it means the emails sent from Octoa will go through your own email account instead of being sent from our servers. Meaning an even smaller chance of your emails ending in the spam box. Previously you were able to connect your email through Gmail connect, but now also through SMTP. This will allow for much more flexibility and different kinds of email services to connect.

Double inquiry/booking warning
When a new project with the same date is created you now get a small icon showing you already have an event on that specific date. This way you can better monitor your availability.

Calendar booked only filter
We made a new filter in the Calendar in which it only shows your booked projects. This will clear up your view especially if you have a lot of inquiries.

Text editor update
We made an update to the text editor, so it works better when pasting documents in and having better correlation to the final output in the e-mails. With this we also updated how the tokens work, instead of using brackets we now use the @ sign. But don’t worry, the old tokens still function also. It’s also for some future features we are going to implement like file uploads etc.