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New Feature: Multi-language support for email templates

April 5, 2022

In preparation for something big, we have just launched a new feature. Without bothering you with too many technical details, let me sum up the things you can now do within the Octoa tool:

You now find two options within the language settings, ‘Supported languages’ and ‘Custom language.’ You are probably familiar with supported languages, and you can use this for the things you send out to your customers, like proposals and invoices. But we now also added custom languages. We don’t support translations for custom languages, so those will be in English. But you can use them to create and organize email templates.

Email templates
So that brings us to email templates under your template section. If you now select one of your email templates, you will find the language option you have activated in your language settings, including supported and custom languages. You currently have the option to create, for each language, a separate email template.

So that brings us to the mystery of ‘In preparation of something big.’ We are currently working around the clock to build a new feature called ‘Automations & Workflows.’ I can only say this will be a gem 💎.

This new feature puts you in complete control of your workflow and lets the tool do the work for you. And to streamline this process, you need to have the ability to create templates within different languages.

We can talk for hours about this, but nothing beats a walkthrough video of Remi. So check out the video, get familiar with the new feature, and if you have any questions, you know where to find us!