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Focus on the things you love.

The all-in-one tool to run your photo and video business more efficiently.

Why Octoa

Away with the chaos, have everything organized and clearly structured in one place. No more forgetting, spending hours on admin. But start doing the things you love most.

Create a clear project overview
Have a clear overview of all your leads and upcoming shoots. Know if you are booked already or not and which clients to chase.
Be on top of a new inquiries
Structure your leads with the information you require. In your inbox and neatly organised inside Octoa.
Work faster with templates
Use mail and proposal templates to reply to inquiries within minutes with just a few clicks. Stop wasting your time.
“Since starting to use Octoa we’ve seen an increase in value of bookings, it’s super easy for clients to add extra items to a proposal so encourages them to do so. The team have been super helpful with any questions I’ve had and are listening to suggestions for new features with constant upgrades.” Gregg Houston, Cinematographer.

Get paid faster and make more

Running a business to support your life is about getting money in. Stop forgetting who to send an invoice to and who still needs to pay.

Get paid faster
Allowing your customers to pay your invoices directly online will directly result in a better cash flow and less time spent chasing.
Make more money
Over 60% of Octoa users claim to make more money through clients easily being able to select optional items in the proposals.
Keep track on payments
Track all your outstanding invoices and never forget who paid.
Try the tool for free
“I’m quite obsessed with business improvement and creating the perfect workflow. I've tried many things over the last few years and built a pretty good system. But was missing a good tool to send invoices, keep track of my inquiries and collect client information in one place. I'm happy that I've found Octoa, because for me it's the perfect tool with all those things in one place.” Naomi van der Kraan, photographer.

European approved / Ready for international business

In Europe we have a lot of cultures and different rules and challenges. A perfect base to create a super flexible system to work pretty much anywhere in the world.

Multiple currencies
Choose per client which currency you want to charge, allowing you to easily send proposals in the local valuta.
Multiple tax classes
Different services or products with different tax, we have you covered. Combined different tax classes in one proposal or invoice.
Advanced tax options
Have full control of you taxing, included, excluded or no tax at all. Be able to set this per proposal or invoice.

Use it everywhere on the go

Be able to respond quickly to your clients wherever you are. Through our responsive design you’ll be able to access all features on Octoa on the go from any place at any time.

We’re constantly developing

We grow with you, we are constantly developing and improving the tool together with our Community of Octoans. Because together we can create the tool that help us create balance between work and life.

Follow product updates and request features
“A bit skeptical at first but we finally found structure through Octoa. No more arguing who is answering the emails, losing money because of unpaid invoices and way more time to be creative. And the transition was smooth and easy.” Riccardo Fasoli, Cinematographer.
Need help to get started?
1 on 1 guidance
We help you set up your tool in a quick 30 minute call. For you to start getting more bookings and making more money.
Great support
We are there to support you with all your questions. Send us an email, chat to with us inside the tool or join us on Social Media.
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Octoa is €21,00 €10,00 per month billed annually*
Or €12,00 per month billed monthly.
Unlimited projects
Unlimited clients
Super support
*Discount is valid for your first year of the subscription